Previous Clients

Burgeo Sands Inc.* and Affiliates 

New Minas NS, Canada

- S'Candles International Soy Candles

-G.R. Saunders. Saunder's Tartans and Gifts. NS Canada

- Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Canada

-Maritime Floral Soap/ Candles

-Canadian Floral Candle

-New England Florals

-Scentials Soy Wax Candles

Windsor Cottage Country

CD PLus(E1Entertainment)NS,Canada

County Fair Mall New Minas NS

*Labels and product at 

Toronto International Gift Fair 2004

Killiam Properties Kempt rd. Halifax, NS

Ross Graphic Kentville, NS Canada

AVR/ Magic 97 Kentville NS

Nova Scotia Body Builders Assoc. Hfx.

Tempus Software Ontario

Fiske's Animal Care Products Windsor, NS

If you want to see more paintings and art then skip on over to my art home page by clicking on the icon to the left.

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