ABOUT the Artist

Kevin Cameron is a self taught artist who sold his first painting at the Apple Bin Gallery in Kentville , NS almost 20 years ago. He has painted holiday window murals, was hired to illustrate labels for a local candle company, created store window displays , illustrated a children's book as well as a biography of a woman's escape from domestic abuse. Kevin also provided live and studio caricature services in the Kentville-Windsor community. (see bio here)
His first mural was at the age of 5 or 6 when he drew a large man's face with stubble and a cigar.  
Surrounded by the local beauty of the Annapolis Valley and raised on the picturesque peninsula of Nova Scotia, Kevin paints from his second story studio in the middle of vibrant and natural Farm and Market near Wolfville.

A love for nature and Sci-Fi / Fantasy and a desire to share his imagination combine to delight and inspire others with his art.